Down the Rabbit Hole

Event Host

Event Description

As incredible as it sounds, let me tell you that I am expected for tea and biscuits at the palace! One does not treat a royal invitation lightly, assuming one is lucky to receive it at all! So I've got to do my best, be my best, and look my best! Are you with me? Follow the white rabbit!


Related Missions

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Item Sets



  1. Visit your neighbors to harvest Mushrooms and collect Pocket Knives.
  2. Use the Pocket Knives on Mushrooms in your own city to collect Magic Mirrors and items from the Fungi Kingdom collection. Complete the collection to receive a Russian Egg.
  3. Pocket Knives and Magic Mirrors can also be obtained by trading with your neighbors or purchasing a Mushroomer Set from the bank.
  4. Take Down the Rabbit Hole Flights (Cheltenham, Chichester, Durham, Lichfield and Salisbury) to acquire cards for the On Her Majesty's Service collection. Complete the collection to receive an Indian Egg and Plane of Hearts.
  5. Build a Card Hangar in your airport to house the Plane of Hearts. Use the Two of Hearts, Three of Hearts, Four of Hearts, and Five of Hearts to complete the Card Hangar. These cards can be obtained by trading with your neighbors or by purchasing a Joker Set.
  6. Use the Magic Mirrors to take flights to Wonderland to collect items for the Mad Tea-Party. Complete the collection to receive a Spanish Egg.
  7. Build the Russian Egg, Indian Egg, and Spanish Egg within your city. Complete the Wind Through the Keyhole collection by getting items from the Eggs to acquire an English Egg.
  8. Build the English Egg within your city to continue collecting Wind Through the Keyhole items.
  9. Complete three of the On Her Majesty's Service, Mad Tea-Party and Wind Through the Keyhole collection to complete the event. Items from each of these sets, as well as the Fungi Kingdom collection, can be obtained by purchasing a Hatter Set.

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